Hmmm...I had a beautiful Birthday yesterday:)
Got up in the morning to find so many wishes at the lounge and at my blog:)
Really, it made my day...thank you all:)
Had an usual start for the day, got up at 7...went for the driving lessons, came back...had my phn ringing like hell..hehehee...felt great!
Dad handed me some good amount so that I can buy whatever I like since he didnt get anytime to get me some gift:D
Then mom prepared my favourite sweet dish..hehehe....its a rutual for 17th June every year!

Accepted call from all my friends and family members...talked to many long lost friends...who suddenly remembered my birthday:D

Made a plan to go out with family for a dinner, as mom suddenly became to emotional saying, she'll be starting college which require her to move out of Delhi, may be we wont be able to celebrate her b'day for next 4 yrs...for heaven's sake mom, I'm not being disowned by the family!!

Till 4 in the evening I was exhausted talking on phone...then I slept.

My sis came within an hour of that, dragged me to a mall, made me buy some clothes, that made me look gorgeous:D

Honestly I loved my dress:D

Anyways, my sis was confused about what to gift me! Then finally she had to let her surprise out, and take my help in buying me gift.:D
SHe gave me three options-assorted fast track accessories, ipod or a new guitar! Now honestly, I didnt need anything from these...I mean when I'll need them I'll buy them..nothing like that.

But then, I guess she hated this answers, and called her husband, complanin' about me..:P

Then we went to the yellow chillies to book a table for 8..had a small dinner with di and her family. My sis didnt have a luck yesterday I supppose, she suddenly asked the manager there if they can manage a cake, and then relized that I was with her, and yet again, she ruined the surprise...had an hearty laugh:P:P

Well, then came back home, got dressed, went to the restaurant, waited fr di's family, they came had a beautiful dinner...:D
Sanjeev Kapoor rocks :D:D

Then came back home, slept...zzzzzzzzz!

Got up in the morning, went for my classes again, came back home, went to school to get some document attested by the principal...but hell..she's was out of the nation, and will be back after the document submission's last date :P....was shocked to hear that, but I guess the c\school will manage...
Had a different sendation when I enetered school almost after one year...I just prayed that I dont bump into some old teacher of mine...uhuhuh...I hated school like anythin', and still do..no I dont miss my school days...they were the worst!
Then wen on a date with my guy. He gifted me some archie comics(actually loads of them..yay!Thanks dude:D), and the latest chetan bhagat book...though m not a fan of his, yeah bt liked the book about the iitd...five points someone i guess its called. I dont know why I got this book...may be my guy has an attatchment to eveything attatched to the the iit's( *sib* he'll be leavin' soon for his new clg..:()
So went for a movie with him...we were meeting after a long span of 5-6 months...so it was quiet good. Then suddenly i started feeling sick, so had to rush back home, and thus went the lunch plan:(
The heat got me...its very bad in Delh..(tho I hope its better than chennai atleast FL) ...took some medicines, and had a sound sleep...got up and posted for WL...and now here I'm writing for the scribblings..sorry if I ored you...queit a long post, but FL asked me to atleast write about my birthday on the scribblings...bless him..he called me 6 in the morning to wish:)

Till the next time,

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freelancer said...

wow...you on a date...n look at me!!!! n silly you got so nice options from ur sis...you could have taken the guitar and gifted it to me....lol

Rose said...

really silly of me!!
next time...though i'm plannin' for the ipod thing...:D
n see, u were with ur girl for almost a week...i jus manged a 3 hrs date...so u hvnt got any rreason to b J!!

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