hey folks.....MDR and MS-R is currently on a break....

I am sitting jobless and hence nothing to write....not sure about Rose here.

Anyways, a new series called....'A lot like Love' is launched...hope you guys like it.
And one more thing is beginning.......from saturday there will be guest writes once every week. Random selections from the blogging world. It's called SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER.

Guest for this Saturday is Aarthi or Artz as she is known in the blogosphere.

Happy Reading,

P.S| Gulabo...invite someone for the next week....on Saturday!!

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Rose said...

Oi...I was thinkin somethin' like that too :D
Cool hai yaar:)

I guess I'll ask Aayush to write for next week...though I know its a task, airs of an IITian...:P

I hope he's not reading this :D

I hope Aarthi Di enjoys writing here :)

Abby said...

hey wat dos MDR and MSR stand for !! *scratchin head*

freelancer said...

MDR is My daily ramblings...i write that.
MSR is My Scribblings-Rose. She writes there

Abby said...

got it

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