Hey folks....sorry about the delay. But its kinda good in a way....gave me time to think and write instead of just ranting nonsense. I was busy paying my broadband bill...hence the delay while Gulabo...was busy doing her shopping....lol

Okays....15th can't be said as a nice day for me...it was brutal actually. Woke up at 10 and waited for the inevitable. Maddy was leaving tonight. The morning and the afternoon was spent with some mushy talks and then a bit of our regular fighting...lol...Fought, made up, kissed, fought again. The circle of my life. Didn't do anything remarkable that day...which is definitely rare...Went out for a last date before she left to a small, decent restaurant in the evening. Time seems to fly past when you really want it in slow motion. By 10p.m we were at Egmore station scanning for the train. The sttupid train was on time. Curse my luck!!! Even though she was going home just for a month, my heart still skipped a bit. It felt like going far away where there was no Maddy by my side.

Its amazing how she manages to make my heart thump or even bring it to a halt by just a mere look or a murmur after more than 3 years of electrifying courtship. When the whistle sounded, i got down from the train. She came to the doorway to wave at me. I just couldn't stop myself and held her hands and murmured....'I love you....my Bella'. Tears welled into her eyes but she steeled herself. I was glad she did that else i would have been completely broken down. She whispered back...'I love you too...my Edward. Miss me....' The train left...taking her with it and condemning me to the hell of solitude and isolation. I made my way to the local train and by midnight reached my room. She rang me up....made me promise to have my food in time. Silly gal! Messaged PJ and told her about the hollow feeling in my heart.

It was very hard that night. Sleep came at about 4 in the morning....the pain a bit reduced...but still on the surface.....

6 heartbeats:

Abby said...

sala filmy..........

Bhargav Saikia said...

definitely filmi! :D

but I can understand how you're feeling..been through all that. ;)

How's it going in Chennai?

Rose said...


Made this emo cry*:(

Eyeshadow said...

tooooo filmy...abbys ryt!!!watever!!!i loved it!!!miss u my edward!!!

freelancer said...

miss yu bella......come soon

Abby said...

get a room !!!!!!!


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