Ok, Ok...I was not supposed to drop in now, but I guess its fine to write now since the scribbling didn't see a new post today :D

I'll start from 15th June morning. I got as usual at 7...rushed for my driving class, gave the trainer a tough time, and then returned back. I had some work at the bank, so went there, and bumped into my guy. We resolved our fight there..hehehe...perfect place and time :D
The heat is killing, but still I prefferd walking back home. Then came back home, downloaded the college forms, filled some of them, then played Hell's Kitchen on Fb( damn I'm hooked to it, and now I cant beat my own score!). Then again played some more games online...hmmm...finally I'm living the life I always wanted to. The day ended with more strategy games :D

Then saw the sunrise of 16th June...went for the driving session...honestly, the guy is losing patience now!:D
Came back, went for a walk. My mum told dad to to bring 2litres of milk the next day, so that she can make
paayesh for my birthday. Then suddenly my dad realized that it was my birthday. He insisted that we all go out for shopping...but I told him I cant go without my sis, so he took me to the mall to buy some nice pairs of footwear :D

I gave him, as well as the attendant a tough time selecting the correct pair for me...:D
Finally settled for 3 pairs. I fell in love with this particular pair which would go perfectly with one of my dress..hehehe:D
I was about to go to the cash counter, when one of the attendant called-"Madam ji ye defected hai!"
I was pretty cool because I thought obviously they would have another pair...but they didn't!!uhuhuhuh...I loved them :(
I want them :(
The other showroom of the brand is in south Delhi...uhuhuh...i live in north delhi!

Therefore I walked home with just one pair...yeah I didn't take the third one because dad felt it a bit outdated...I doubt if I should have trusted him about this one thing-what's in and what's not! Anyways, he was paying, so didn't question actually :D

On my way back home, stopped by a bookshop...picked up Brida, Trust Me and Accident.
Trust Me caught my attention because it's written by some very young Indian girl...My friend suggested me the Danielle Steel's book, and I bought the Brida because I couldn't the find the alchemist.
And yes, bought myself one Twilight book too...the spice of life, some strange fantasies :D

Finally wrote my post for 100 days completion, if you are reading this, do visit my blog :P

Looking for for tommorrow:D

Till the next time,

P.S. My mum is quiet happy that I didnt get any more pair of shoes for myself, she feels the room is too crowded to accomodate anything new...!
And yes, just had a fight with my best friend, who is out of balance and wants me to call him tonight at 12 so that he can wish me!!Limit!

And I just saw that I'm one of the "admins" of this blog:D:D:D
Thanks re FL!!

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freelancer said...

quite a day before ur bday huh!!!! m j now!!!

Rose said...

I made you J!
Satisfaction of life...aaaaaaah!!:P

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