the birthday hangover remains for at least a month for me:D

So, finally, I get to go to my granny's place, almost after 3 yrs, for a short stay!
I miss all of the 7 cousins together, but this time, it was 4 of us, but things had change, really!

I went to granny to stay with her, and Daadu, for they are now very old...Daadu hardly cares about anything else in his life, but wants everyone to be with him all the time...he doesn't recognize anyone, except my nani and uncle...and that's all he cares...I love you Daadu:)

My granny rocks...80+ but what enthusiasm she sports...:)

Anyways, I went on a shopping spree,went to Select City Walk, I guess its the largest in Delhi, got a nice patiala salwar(M really fascinated by them, they look cute), a cool t-shirt, another pair of shoes, went to KFC( J,at least while reading' this :P), had a twister meal, while coming back, fell on the road due to some stupid divider, bruised both of my knew, and it still hurts...phew!

Rest of my days there were alright.

Met an old friend there, poor girl took a gap year, like me, to sit for medical entrance, and now, after clearing them, doesn't want to go to a medical college, something that happened to me last year, but atleast I had time, I wonder what she's going to do now... Seriously, wisdom strikes us, after we get the stupid thing that we desperately want!

Anyways, got back home, had a date...the lonely McD, where no one goes now, so its kind of good for ppl like us :D

Then my sister and her husband came to my place, surprise me with a new guitar, and strumming it all the time, this what I do now!

Then finally, drove my dad's car today...aaaaaahhhh...seriously, I started sweating the moment I stepped into it, the responsibility was more killing than the tension of how I 'll drive...but thankfully, I drove good enough, without any jhatkas of the Delhi road :D

Its too hot to survive in Delhi nowadays, the heat is killing, but I'm loving this, since I know only few days left for me to stay here, and admire my native land...I love you Delhi, and miss you like Hell:(

Anyways, should end now...:)

Till the next time,

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freelancer said...

KFC!!!!!!!!!!! and again a GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not at al fair!!!!!!

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