hey folks, Now the post just below me by gulabo really touched my heart. I was thinking of writing in this blog after another few days but then her post didn't allow me the privilege and finally i had to write this. Thanx Rose, for moving my lazy bum. Btw am writing a poem for TWL too....it will be posted sometime later this week and you can bet your life its gonna be awesome!!! hehe....self praising!!! what to do..i love what i write...no matter how crap it might be.... Well actually am a bit flattered that atleast gulabo and a few people missed me....oh how much i love you for missing me...That's all the inspiration i need... So am back...and today is 10th of May! And am back to Chennai again...god save me from this heat.

Woke up at 7 in the morning n literally fell down from the first bunk in the train. Chennai was due to arrive in half an hour...so brushed as soon as possible....got dressed, no bath though! you go and bath in a train! By the time it was 8, I in chennai central with sweat trickling down my body into the uncomfortable positions. My roomie and me decided to make the smart choice of hiring a cab to escape the heat. The only thing is that it didn't turn up to be that smart. Bloody craphead managed to make us part with 600 bucks! When we reached, the place was a mess...
Out came the brooms and thus an ordeal of an hour started in which we cleared the place of spiders and dust!!! Watched a movie...and then F.R.I.E.N.D.S....yet again....lol....oh yea had pizza at around 4....welcome back Domino's....lol

Came out to meet my gal...finally met her after about 2 months....and then fought....lol... hehe...now m at mah friend's place....day was pretty boring...hope something really awesome happens tomorrow....that's it folks...still a bit rusty...also had to write in WL.

P.S| Gulabo....don't give up...life has just started for ye! Am there for you all the way upto the steps of hell....and then no more....thanx again...n hows the draft of the series???

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Rose said...

Hmmm...I havent given up yet...If I were to give up, then wouldnt have put my one year into this...anyways, I'm not that strong to take the same thing again and again, so yes, I'm a bit upset..:(

And yes, I may start up my MDR series after I go to some NIT :P

And the other series' draft...me ek dum bhool hi gai...thoda sa hi likha hai...hmmm...will mail that to you!

And yes, you don't have to thank me, this is my blog too...:P:P

Anonymous said...

ohh !! look who's blogging !! missed ya fr sure FL !! n i do wish to discuss the book reviews series on WL or anywhere you want :) !! waiting for your awesome poem on WL now;)

freelancer said...

@ gulabo
gud....wil wait for that mail

freelancer said...

@ pratsie.....will post a book review on sunday in WL

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