Hm mm...So your very own freelancer just randomly asked me if I would like to start a series on my daily ramblings. Initially, I was pretty unsure of it, as I know people would definitely wont want to read about what I do al the day long, because my life is not so adventurous as freelancer's...So I decided to start this series, which I can update every now and then, and thu it wont be a daily affair to bore the readers :P:P

So freelancer, this is the surprise I was talking about :D

I guess I'm back in my old form now. I did a lot of things yesterday and tomorrow...wrote the first chapter of the new series, soon to be a part of this blog, and may be WL if the admins agree, and mailed it to Freelancer, who is definitely going to change it all :P :D

The week had been bad, I broke my sister's new car, for which I'm never going to forgive myself...:( It was the most terrifying day of my life, as I sat stupidly and did nothing but cried and the same time thanked God that no one was hurt..:D

Had an exam today, some self -proclaimed Govt. institution, of which I dont have any idea, but just for the sake of a Delhi college, I took the exam. I actually didnt study for it, and had my mom running after my life, wth the books in her hand :D

Hmmm...then wrote and acro for my guy, but alas...cant send it to him write now, as I had a fight with him(so FL dont try my number for few days, I have switched it off:P)...when will the bhala aadmi realise...:(

Anyways, I'm having a tough time selecting which college to study...hmphhhh...loads of options, and the poor me!

As I said, there's nothing much to write about my life, but I really love this idea of scribbling everday, or may be every week :D

And yes, I'm writing a post for my 100 day celebration of my blog, its going to be a nice surprise..:P
I guess I shall leave now, have to go for shopping:D

Till the next time,

P.S. The logo for this series...see I have to do something to kill my time :D
And you are supposed to put it on your page :P

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Ms.R. said...

Do let me know how your shopping went! :D

freelancer said...

aweosme beginning!!! per week....make it daily....u see i would love to kno what yu are gng thru daily....hehe...
100 days eh??? kewl!!!

Anonymous said...

i simply loved the rose logo !! there is a secret behind it .. will tell u sm day ;)

freelancer said...

hey not fair.....mujhe v batao

Rose said...

@Ms R
Its my birthday...n m finally over with my I deserve to go for a shopping spree...dyin' to tell u about it:P:P

Rose said...

yeah...I'm thinkin' of updatin' it every now n then :D

Rose said...

@Prat Di
Thanks for liking it :D
And m eager to know the secret :D

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